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: Mon 2009: 59 End-to-end encrypted Pussy-cat Chat


– Wednesday 11: eighteen Installing Helix Editor Vocabulary Servers

— Wed nineteen: 00 Will be the fediverse going to get Fryed? (Or, “Why every toot is also any denial associated with service attack”)

– Thu 11: ’08 NLnet Give Application regarding Domain Declined

– Get married 09: thirty-one Nlnet Offer Application to get Domain — First Upgrade: Questions plus Answers

— Fri ten: 49 Little Is Lovely Episode twenty two Small Internet Kitten Dweb Camp Braid

– Tue 14: thirty Dear Linux, Privileged Slots Must Pass away

– Get married 16: fifteen Lipstick on the Pig: understanding the most important training in style

– Wednesday 18: twenty six Make Helix Editor the actual system colour pallette

– Comes to an end 11: apr NLnet Offer Application with regard to Domain

: Wed fifteen: 47 Making use of bound features to device test EcmaScript Modules

: Wed thirteen: 34 Decentralisation begins in decentring your self

– Tue 11: goal NodeKit expansion for Codium

– Friday 10: fifteen Everyone Cannot stand Facebook (but this is more about Facebook)

– Get married 11: forty NodeKit Revise

– Thu 10: fifty five The web0 manifesto


– Friday 18: ’07 How to send out an email

— Sat thirteen: 21 Three Laws of private Devices

: Thu twelve: 18 Stating goodbye for an old buddy

– Sitting 18: summer Comet

: Mon sixteen: 34 Ireland’s two-tier medical health insurance system

— Wed fifteen: 36 The wonder one-line ImageMagick 7 AppImage installer

— Tue seventeen: 03 Learn how to apply the chroma important using ImageMagick

– Wednesday 15: twenty My three-month-long elementary OPERATING SYSTEM 6 update adventure within three components. (Part one: Catts)

: Sun twenty one: 26 The best way to count Unicode glyphs within Vala making use of Gtk

— Tue eighteen: 00 Tips on how to change the color of the underline in gspell

– Comes to an end 21: eleven How to deactivate Gtk-Message alerts in your application

– Tue 20: thirty seven Implementing darkish mode in the handful of ranges of CSS with CSS filters– Tue nineteen: 39 Omnibus GitLab Let’s Encrypt restoration error plus fix

: Mon eleven: 07 Essential Mapper: the visual device for remapping keys (and more) upon Linux

: Sun sixteen: 36 Apple company is trying in order to redefine what it takes to break your personal privacy. We must not really let it.

: Sun thirteen: 27 Seafood shell

— Fri thirteen: 59 Remote control: a little component for more classy remoting along with WebSockets

: Thu thirteen: 05 Create anything the JavaScript component using Client. js ESM Module Loading machines

– Get married 11: 05 Archival cascades: a useful way to not split URLs

— Sun twenty: 36 Ways to get clean analog audio from the Blue Yeti microphone right into a Sony a6400 camera utilizing a Raspberry Professional indemnity Zero

: Sun seventeen: 57 JSDB Migrations

: Fri fifteen: 14 Scratching the latest EUROPEAN UNION VAT prices for e-services from the Euro Commission’s website with Client. js: Fri thirteen: 46 Utilizing the European Payment EU VAT Number approval API along with Node. js

– Wednesday 16: twenty Hell web site

– Sitting 11: goal Ethics since PR (or the ‘Some Very Good Individuals Work Generally there! ’ Fallacy)

– Wednesday 12: twenty-four Using Subresource Integrity (SRI) in Sans plus attendre with @small-tech/vite-plugin-sri

– Comes to an end 19: forty five Clean up the internet

– Sitting 13: twenty six Passing information from designs to webpages in SvelteKit

– Thu 16: thirty-five Site. js starter design template for sans plus attendre + slight- Thu 16: apr npm init using

: Tue fourteen: 22 Sources to strategies are a JavaScript minefield

— Sun twelve: 46 fs-extra to fs

– Friday 08: eighteen Cache smashing in Client. js powerful ESM imports

– Get married 10: thirty CommonJS in order to ESM within Node. js

– Thu 17: thirteen Snowpack Very hot Module Alternative (HMR) from the beginning with vanilla JavaScript

— Wed twelve: 48 Skypack: Backdoor like a Service?

: Sat nineteen: 09 Precisely why I published 152 additional lines associated with code only to do the same (and precisely why I’d try it again today)

— Tue sixteen: 23 Presenting JSDB

— Wed sixteen: 05 What happens if data has been code?

: Fri thirteen: 03 Very best Small Internet?

– Sunlight 16: forty seven Live Flow: A web site on your own phone along with Site. js

– Thu 11: eighteen Mentoring the particular Eastern Relationship Civil Community Online Hackathon

– Thu 16: thirty four How to use the particular Zoom spyware and adware safely upon Linux in case you absolutely need to

– Sitting 12: twenty three How Apple company and Search engines will treatment COVID-19 and exactly how you can choose into it if you need to keep your work

– Comes to an end 20: seventeen Al Jazeera Live job interview on business and govt mass security in the moments of COVID-19

— Wed ten: 28 Apple company just slain Offline Internet Apps whilst purporting to shield your personal privacy: why that’s A Bad Factor and why you ought to care

— Mon twenty: 01 Fail-fast on lacking required fights in JavaScript using arrears values that will throw

: Tue nineteen: 46 Soaring to Antwerp tomorrow to provide the starting keynote on Dig Up on Thurs

– Friday 10: 37 A content ending towards the Better Blocker saga

— Tue nineteen: 13 Apple company App Evaluation: resistance is usually futile!— Tue eleven: 48 Apple company App Evaluation says “maybe”: the vagaries of trillion-dollar gatekeepers

: Mon eleven: 59 “Apple Says ‘No! ’” and exactly what that means for future years of Much better Blocker subsequent our proceed to Ireland

— Thu eleven: 36 Beloved Apple, just a little help right here? How hard could it be to move the developer accounts to our brand new not-for-profit?

— Wed fifteen: 50 Within 2020 plus beyond, the particular battle in order to save personhood plus democracy needs a radical change of popular technology

— Fri ten: 21 The continuing future of Internet Rules at the Euro Parliament

— Wed fifteen: 06 Little Technology Basis Personal Internet Prototype-01: the mobile individual web machine

– Comes to an end 18: fifty four Introducing @small-tech/https, a batteries-included drop-in alternative to the Client. js https module

— Sun eleven: 12 Web site. js: right now with car updates within production

— Wed nineteen: 21 Web site. js: at this point with car server refill on supply code adjustments

– Tue 18: twenty-eight Site. js: now along with live refill

– Thu 12: thirty four Fixing read-only file program errors right after do-release-upgrade through Ubuntu fourteen. 04 LTS to sixteen. 04 LTS- Thu 09: forty five How to move from VSCode to VSCodium (the greatest code publisher ever without the corporate bullshit)

– Tue 18: ’08 The little Raspberry Pi which could (serve an online site)

— Mon eleven: 48 Web site. js: today easier than ever in order to update

— Sat eighteen: 00 Frightening git-lfs “bad object” mistake not so frightening after all– Sat sixteen: 31 Set up git-lfs on the Raspberry Professional indemnity

– Comes to an end 11: forty seven Site. js and Professional indemnity

– Comes to an end 17: fifty nine Build a basic chat application with Web site. js

: Thu eleven: 30 Web site. js, today also upon Windows ten

– Tue 12: 05 Introducing Little Technology Base, Site. js, and Tincan

– Get married 11: nineteen Small Technologies at the Online Future Exhibit in Darmstadt

– Sitting 17: eleven ar. ing is now working on a brand new server

— Sat summer: 42 Seen about Silicon Valley’s past due research and development division? It’s the EU.

: Sat twenty two: 17 Rerun cloud-init upon multipass

: Sat sixteen: 04 Export/import issues with GitLab CE


– Sitting 09: nineteen The Do’s and Don’ts of Technology Regulation

: Thu fifteen: 09 Captivity 2 . zero and how to prevent it: the practical guidebook for cyborgs


: Tue thirteen: 16 Indie Web Machine 9. one 0: Much better error dealing with

– Wednesday 19: fifty nine Indie Internet Server nine. 0. zero: Housekeeping

— Sat sixteen: 52 Indie Web Machine 8. second . 0: Cascading down archives to have an evergreen internet- Sitting 14: 05 Fixing the particular icon regression in Take! _OS nineteen. 04

— Thu fifteen: 25 Indie Web Machine 8. one 1: Invert proxy (local mode)

— Wed seventeen: 38 This web site now operates on Indie Web Machine

– Tue 20: twenty Set up the live stationary personal website in mere seconds with Indie Web Machine 8. zero. 0

— Mon eleven: 10 Indie Web Machine 7. 1 ) 0: Release a reside secure stationary site having a single command word


— Sun twelve: 31 Indie Web Machine: now along with native 404 to 302 support to have an evergreen internet

– Sitting 20: twelve Custom mistake pages intended for Indie Internet Server

: Fri twelve: 22 Forthcoming talks: 04

– Sitting 14: thirty six How to cut an MP4 video with no re-encoding this

– Sitting 14: twenty six Using the Innovative Scene Switcher Plugin along with manual changes in OBS Studio

— Sat twelve: 58 Open up Broadcaster Software program Studio is certainly amazing!

— Thu eighteen: 29 Presenting Indie Internet Server (video)

– Tue 01: thirty six Reclaiming your own backtick/tilde crucial with a UNITED KINGDOM Macintosh crucial layout with an ANSI ALL OF US Keyboard within GNOME

: Mon twenty one: 44 Environment multiple important bindings for the similar action within GNOME

— Sun thirteen: 15 Indie Web Machine

– Comes to an end 10: nineteen HTTPS Machine: now along with seamless Let’s Encrypt assistance

– Thu 19: twenty-seven Upcoming speaks: March

— Thu fourteen: 16 HTTPS Server

— Thu fourteen: 01 Nodecert

– Wednesday 10: nineteen Small Technologies


: Mon ten: 05 Hypha: Glossary

: Thu twelve: 17 Personal privacy is not the science, this is a human correct

– Get married 14: thirty On the Common Architecture from the Peer Internet (and the particular placement of the particular PC second . 0 period within the schedule of common computing as well as the greater socioeconomic context)

— Tue fourteen: 18 Hypha Spike: Perseverance 1

— Fri fifteen: 04 Hypha Spike: Multiwriter 2

: Thu ’07: 29 Hypercore protocol deeply dive

: Tue thirteen: 00 Hypha Spike: Multiwriter 1

— Sun fourteen: 08 Hypha Spike: WebRTC 1

— Tue twenty one: 34 Hypha Spike: Diceware

– Friday 22: forty two Hypha Surge: DAT one

– Comes to an end 12: seventeen I was incorrect about Search engines and Fb: there’s absolutely nothing wrong together (so state we all)

– Thu 12: twenty-seven Hypha Surge: Aspect Set up 1


– Get married 12: 37 The post-Web is individual tenant

— Wed twelve: 23 Achievement criteria for your PC second . 0 period

– Get married 11: fifty nine Deployment-first advancement

– Sitting 23: forty Hypha Surge: Deployment one

– Tue 20: seventeen Getting Eco-friendly Recorder working on Wayland under Gnome on Ubuntu 18. 10-based systems: Tue sixteen: 55 ‘s Jazeera Information interview: People from france “tech tax”


: Mon twelve: 38 Occasionally you have to stay a electric screwdriver in it (or how to free a Chromebook in 10 easy steps)

– Sitting 10: ten Tilingnome

— Sun nineteen: 22 Exactly what does a private communicator look like?

— Thu twelve: 54 An easy Node change stream using the new Client 10 pipeline() function

: Sun sixteen: 00 Boogie Board: an attractive, modern, transportable take on the particular blackboard

: Sat eighteen: 04 Kappa Architecture course- Sitting 17: fouthy-six Remember listing from final session within Tilix along with zsh

— Mon eighteen: 41 Security Capitalism in the BBC

— Fri twelve: 14 Infant steps


– Thu 11: eighteen GDMR: this simple legislation could finish surveillance capitalism in the EUROPEAN


: Thu sixteen: 23 Gnomit 1 . zero. 6

: Mon fifteen: 34 Much better Blocker 2018. 2 discharge for macOS and iOS


: Fri nineteen: 29 Gnomit 1 . zero. 5

: Fri sixteen: 27 With this particular amazing technique, you can remain an extra evening in Paris, france but only when you use Linux!

– Comes to an end 12: fifty five version: screen Linux edition information

— Fri twenty one: 43 Gnomit 1 . zero. 4

— Tue twenty two: 59 Upgrading firmware upon Dell XPS 13 Along with Pop! _OS 18. ’04

– Thu 17: 2009 Setting up Hiawatha web machine on Ubuntu 16. ’04


: Tue ten: 03 Much better Blocker: thanks to our best 7 days yet!


– Friday 12: 02 Better Blocker for macOS Mojave

— Mon seventeen: 58 Much better Blocker regarding iOS twelve- Friday 11: ’08 Workaround with regard to unclickable application menu pest with windowpane. makeKeyAndOrderFront plus NSApp. stimulate on macOS

– Sunlight 13: fifty two Responsive style got the app declined

– Comes to an end 19: thirty four Better, easier, and more inexpensive


: Wed twenty three: 29 Prolonged Codice Job interview With Rai 1

: Mon eleven: 33 Much better Blocker: 2 year evaluation and ideas on the future

— Sun twenty one: 10 Obtain Unicode-aware duration of string within JavaScript

: Mon sixteen: 06 Gnomit Flatpak package

– Get married 17: sixteen Introducing Gnomit: a simple Git commit information editor with regard to Gnome

: Mon ten: 59 The right way to install the particular Vala Reference point Manual directly into Devhelp utilizing the apt bundle manager


– Tue 10: twenty-four New Thinker: How strength corrupts: Tue 05: 14 Away to Denmark for Smukfest

– Sunlight 22: 43 Getting your iCloud contacts upon GNU/Linux– Sun nineteen: 25 Making use of iCloud calendars on Linux


— Sat twenty three: 18 Multi-writer Dat can power the following Web

: Fri fifteen: 47 Ways to enable the particular Browse Data files setting within GSConnect


– Thu 23: 57 Crafting the continuous-client desktop/mobile experience upon Linux along with GSConnect

Come july 1st

– Tue 17: twenty one How to set up DAT upon mobile below Termux

: Mon twenty one: 46 Workaround for npm install mistake on Lineageos 15. one

– Friday 20: forty-four Web advancement on a cell phone with Hugo and Termux

– Friday 16: thirty-three Out of the baking pan plus into the open fire

– Sunlight 17: fifty eight Broadcasting your own phone’s display to internet browsers using Display Stream– Sun sixteen: 05 Repair for “No Bluetooth Found” error right after wake through sleep

— Fri eleven: 05 Getting to grips with WireGuard upon Linux making use of AzireVPN

: Thu twelve: 02 Place! _OS eighteen. 04: their state of the artwork in Linux on desktop computer

– Sunlight 13: thirty Camera repair for Samsung S9 (LineageOS 15. 1)

– Sitting 08: forty Upgrade Small Snitch Prior to Upgrading in order to Mojave Beta

– Thu 22: forty-nine iOTA 360

– Get married 20: 02 Typographical keying in habits for the purpose of Linux

— Tue twenty two: 38 Open up from airport terminal in Linux- Tue 17: forty Enabling Much better Blocker within GNOME Internet

– Friday 16: forty two Changes– Mon twelve: 49 Incorporating “command not really found” appropriate package recommendations to zsh

– Sunlight 20: summer Flashing share firmware on to a Samsung Galaxy S9+ (SM-G965F) upon Ubuntu eighteen. 04 making use of Heimdall

: Fri twenty: 00 Preliminary git settings


: Fri twelve: 31 Internet casino Data– Fri summer: 49 Whither ethics, Brand new Scientist?


– Thu 18: ’08 Rsync Permissions and Termux

– Thu 12: forty seven Web+ on the Phone

: Thu eleven: 12 Spellcheck With Emacs on Termux

– Thu 08: ten Nginx: Make sure to remove the arrears site

: Tue eleven: 18 Mobile phones LineageOS fifteen. 1 can be officially backed on

— Sun 01: 37 Improving the REALLY SIMPLY SYNDICATION


— Fri eleven: 33 Reclaiming RSS

: Thu eighteen: 04 Have you been Logging IPs Without Actually Knowing?

: Wed nineteen: 13 The actual News: European Elections– Wed eleven: 21 Kyriarchy

– Tue 16: fifty nine Web+

— Mon twenty one: 29 Showing Web + Dat

— Thu ten: 11 We all Make the Town: Next Generation Towns- Thu 08: fifteen We Associated with City: Starting Night

— Wed seventeen: 10 Electronic Masquerade

— Wed sixteen: 42 Operating From Sobre Waag

— Wed fifteen: 33 Override BaseURL within Hugo Machine

– Get married 13: twenty Little Saigon

– Tue 10: 37 Public Collection Summit

— Sun ten: 26 Giddy about CSS grid: Sun 2009: 14 Format an INTERNATIONALE ORGANISATION FÜR STANDARDISIERUNG 8601 day stamp within Hugo

— Sat seventeen: 04 Improving the blog

— Fri fifteen: 44 Revising history: Fri fifteen: 00 Hi Peer-to-Peer Internet


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– Wednesday 00: 00 Talks– Mon 00: 00 Resource


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AugustDecrypting Silpada Rudd

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MarchThe nature from the self within the digital age

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